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4 boxes of Instant drink original flavor 4x  100g (232  portions) 


A low calorie and refreshing drink, made with green tea and black tea.



  • Contains approximately 6kcal per serving.
  • A cup of Instant Drink* based on Plant Extracts contains  caffeine, to help you stay awake.
  • The extraction of our green tea is aqueous in order to preserve all the components.
  • Comes in a delicious flavor: Classic
  • To be enjoyed hot or cold according to your desires.

Unique blend of orange pekoe tea (traditional black tea) and green tea, with mallow flower, hibiscus flower and cardamom seed extracts. Refreshing and invigorating.



Do you live at 100 per hour and you often have the feeling of lacking pep and no longer being able to concentrate? With only 6 kcal** per serving, the Instant Drink made from Plant Extracts* is refreshing. To be enjoyed hot or cold, it will help you increase your daily water consumption.



Mix ½ teaspoon (approx. 1.7 g) with 200 - 250 ml of hot or cold water.


4 cans of 100g of instant drink made from plant extracts

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