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Program - FIT & FORM (21 meals = CHF 2.81 per meal)

A balanced alternative to a meal
The Fit & Form pack is a simple and effective solution to help you achieve your slimming and / or muscle mass goals: 3 products in the same pack.
1. Fill up on nutrients with the Formula 1 shake
2. To stay in shape while keeping control with the Protein Shake Mix to take either as a snack that provides vitamins, minerals and proteins or to add to your Formula 1 Shake for an even smoother meal.
3. Finally, the drink based on Tea and Plant Extracts for tone and hydration

This pack is particularly suitable for those who care about their figure and their diet, but who do not always have time to prepare balanced meals when life accelerates.

This kit includes:

- 1 Shake Formula 1 (flavors of your choice)

- 1 Instant Tea-based Drink 50gr (flavors of your choice)

- 1 Protein drink mix (vanilla)

- 1 Starter Kit

Prepare a Formula 1 Shake (21 meal box)

The Formula 1 shake is quick and easy to prepare, delicious to drink. With a controlled caloric intake with an average of 221 kcal per serving, as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals, this meal replacement can be prepared in just a few minutes and therefore provides an excellent balance of high quality protein, and in macro and micronutrients essential to your body. The Formula 1 Shake is an excellent alternative for a breakfast full of vitality.

Invigorate yourself with Instant Herbal Extract Drink Mix

Do you start the day with a very black espresso, or a very sweet coffee? Too much caffeine, sugar, and cream can make you tired, irritable, and more likely to gain weight. With only 6kcal, the Instant Tea & Plant Extract Drink can be enjoyed hot or cold and guilt-free all day long.

Flavors: Classic 50g

Protein drink mix (vanilla)

Increase your protein intake with this versatile product that offers two alternatives. Prepare as a calorie-controlled, high protein snack - or add to your favorite Formula 1 * Shake for a delicious, smooth drink.


  • 15 g of high quality protein
  • 7 g of carbohydrates
  • 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Can be mixed with water
  • Vanilla flavor

Starter Kit Herbalife Nutrition: Shaker, 4 in 1 spoon, box for tablets

FIT & FORM + Starter Kit program

SKU: 2000
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