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Essential accessory kit for any Herbalife program: 


Shaker - Herbalife Nutrition

Designed especially for Herbalife Nutrition products, this shaker with screw lid is an essential accessory for preparing your shakes. 400ml


Ecofriendly measuring spoon for Formula 1 / Protein drink mix

To reduce and ultimately eliminate excess plastic, we are introducing a new eco-friendly measuring spoon that can be used with Formula 1 and Protein Drink Mix. Your new sustainable* spoon is made from sugar cane waste**. It therefore has a lower carbon footprint* than virgin plastics, and can be reused.


* Compared to the virgin plastic spoon currently present in our products

** Biopolymer derived from sugar cane waste


Herbalife Nutrition tape measure

This 1.5m Herbalife tape measure can be useful for taking measurements of your body.


Herbalife Translucent Tablet Box Nutrition


11,00 CHFPrice
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