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Founded in 1980, Herbalife International is a leading nutrition and weight control company.

It offers, through direct sales, innovative quality products that help millions of people around the world achieve their wellness goals.

Herbalife offers high quality products and programs:

Scientifically designed products:

Herbalife products have been developed by scientists and nutritionists to help you best achieve your wellness goals.

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Internationally renowned experts:

We have invested in the resources necessary for the development of nutritional research at the highest level, calling on the expertise of scientists as well as nutritionists associated with renowned universities. These nutrition experts use the most scalable research and development technologies available to us today.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

​​For more than ten years, we have been collaborating with one of the most iconic athletes in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. Together, we innovated and co-created Herbalife24® CR7 Drive, a cutting-edge sports drink that helps athletes replenish essential nutrients and promote rapid hydration.  

​Cristiano's relentless schedule and workouts demand nutritional products that help him challenge his own limits. He has confidence in Herbalife's capacity for innovation to redefine what is possible. Our products help him achieve impressive performances thanks to his unwavering commitment to his sport and his unparalleled athletic qualities. 

​"Herbalife plays an important role in my lifelong performance-driven nutrition, helping me, for over a decade, live my best life." 

​Cristiano Ronaldo
Herbalife ​Official Nutrition Partner​


BSC Young Boys, Switzerland

Regular guest of European competitions, including 3 times in the Champions League, 3 league hat-tricks, 3 double victories - the successes of BSC Young Boys are obvious. In addition to considerable sporting success, the BSC YB is synonymous with appreciation, trust, emotions and friendship: values that Herbalife shares 100 percent. Since the 18/19 season, Herbalife has been the official nutritional partner of BSC YB and provides the first team, YB women and BSC YB youth departments with sports nutrition and nutritional supplements.

French Volleyball Federation and its national teams, France

The French Volleyball Federation (FFVolley) brings together men's, women's and junior national teams which participate in international volleyball competitions. The men's national team recently won a gold medal at the 2021 Olympic Games and the 2022 FIVB Nations League gold medal. The women's national team won the 2022 CEV Golden League gold medals and the 2023 FIVB Challenger Cup.

Herbalife has been a partner of FFVolley since 2017, providing all teams with Herbalife24® CR7 Drive exercise drinks, Rebuild Strength recovery shakes and other nutritional products to maintain a high level of fitness and performance. performance.


Olympique Lyonnais Women’s Team, France

​Olympique Lyonnais is one of the most successful women's football clubs in the world. Led by Ada Hegerberg, winner of the 2018 Women's Ballon d'Or, the club have been crowned French Division 1 Women's champions in 15 of the last 19 seasons and have won the UEFA Women's Champions League eight times.

Olympique Lyonnais Féminin players have benefited from the club's partnership with Herbalife since 2019, using the Herbalife24® family of products and Herbalife food supplements to improve their training and diet. Players' favorite Herbalife® products include Herbalife24® CR7 Drive exercise drink, Rebuild Strength recovery shakes and Protein Chips.

LA Galaxy

We are proud to have one of the longest relationships in MLS history. Since 2007, we have been the Official Nutrition Partner of the LA Galaxy, five-time Major League Soccer (MLS) Champions. We are more than a name on their jerseys; we are part of their team culture, facilitating the fitness and nutrition of each player. Our relationship shows the unwavering trust we have built with the team. We go beyond sponsorship, bringing innovation and commitment to the LA Galaxy on and off the field.

Our dedicated staff helps each player achieve peak performance through a comprehensive integration of nutrition, sports science and technical training. They design tailor-made nutritional plans including effective supplementation. And they personalize Herbalife24® shakes and products based on hydration level, weight, performance and recovery. Supported by our team of experts and fueled by our products, we help every player excel on the field, in the gym and during recovery.

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