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Your Herbalife Nutrition Cookbook in Italian



This Herbalife Nutrition cookbook offers you a collection of 80 recipes inspired by Europe and Africa. The recipes have been tested by our Research and Development team and by a professional chef so that members and customers can enjoy tasty ingredients while meeting everyone's nutritional needs. This book is a great opportunity to show the diversity of Herbalife products. Nutrition used as ingredients in a wide variety of dishes, snacks and even desserts!



- Find new ways to use the products while offering a multitude of different flavors. - Easy-to-follow recipes suitable for all culinary levels.

- Clearly labeled recipes for vegetarians or vegans, specifying nutritional information.

- Specially designed recipes with Herbalife Nutrition products to supplement key macro and micronutrients.

- Many recipes that can be made ahead and eaten as a protein snack on the go.

Herbalife Nutrition Italian Cookbook

SKU: 3C11
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