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Shake Formula 1 Vegan (21 meals = CHF 2.81 per meal)

A delicious meal replacement that can be prepared in minutes and provides an excellent balance of high quality protein, essential macro and micronutrients.

A convenient, nutrient-balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner. Delicious, controlled calorie intake averaging 221kcal per serving, plus fiber, vitamins and minerals. Rich in soy and milk proteins. About 18g of protein if you prepare it with semi-skimmed milk. Backed by science and developed by nutrition experts. Clinical studies have shown that replacing one of the main meals in the daily ration of a low calorie diet with a meal replacement contributes to weight maintenance after weight loss. Formula 1 Herbalife Vanilla is suitable for vegetarians. Its formula is free from artificial colors and sweeteners, and it contains 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Also available in a gluten-free, no added lactose, no added soy version (if you follow the preparation instructions)

Mint Chocolate Shake Vegan FORMULA 1 550g (21 portions)

SKU: 4471
  • Would you like a balanced, delicious, nutritious and quick meal to prepare? Look no further, try Formula 1 Herbalife, our flagship product. Its formula is based on the latest advances in research. It is rich in high quality protein and contains the nutrients the body needs for a balanced meal. Formula 1 Herbalife has helped many people around the world achieve their goals. Why not you ?

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