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Microbiotic Max is a dietary supplement formulated to deliver both live bacteria and fiber, which work together in harmony to help support your nutritional goals.
Each serving contains 2 billion live bacteria derived from strains of Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus helveticus.

This product is high in fiber and comes in sachets, making it perfect to take anywhere. With a subtle vanilla flavor, enjoy Microbiotic Max with water or your favorite Formula 1 shake.

Main advantages

• Contains probiotics and prebiotic fibers
• Formulated with 2 billion live bacteria (CFU) per serving
• Gluten free
• Rich in fiber
• No added sugar
• No sweeteners or dyes
• Vanilla flavor
• No refrigeration required


Add 1 sachet to half a glass of water (about 100 ml), mix until completely dissolved and enjoy. Drink it alone or add to your favorite Formula 1 shake. Please add it after mixing your shake and use liquids with temperature below 25 ° C to avoid altering the effectiveness of the product.

Consume once a day. Enjoy this product as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy and active lifestyle.

Microbiotic Max 40g

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