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The Member Pack costs CHF65.- and contains :

  • A box of Formula1 Vanilla 550g (purchase value CHF59.-)
  • A luxury Herbalife Shaker (purchase value CHF10.-)
  • Literature on Herbalife products, catalogs and prices.
  • For registration, your Coach must have you physically fill out the membership form and attach a copy of your passport or identity card.

Herbalife Membership Card Benefits
Products can be purchased directly from Herbalife with a Herbalife membership card (minimum 25% lifetime discount) or from NUTRIFIT24.CH with an access code (-25%).


Why is Herbalife giving you this discount?
Herbalife wants to bring their great products to people for less. What Herbalife saves with this you get in the form of a rebate.

Am I still being advised?

Of course ! It doesn't change. Your Coach will always continue to give you the best service. You can always contact your Coach for all your questions. Just like before!

Do I also have to sell the products?
Absolutely not ! There is no obligation to buy or sell with respect to Herbalife. You only have the right to order the products with a discount.

Can I also offer the products to my neighbors, family and friends?
Of course, this is a possibility. Discuss it with your Coach, make your wishes known.

I know people who also want this discount.
As a Member, you have the right to “sponsor” other people, to give them the opportunity to order from Herbalife with the same benefits as you. Talk to your sponsor, he / she will help you. Think Herbalife is active in over 93 countries,

it has over 70 million satisfied users and that in all of these countries you can bring the Herbalife opportunity to people!

Do I have any purchasing obligations or additional costs?
Absolutely not ! You can choose if and when you want to buy.

Annually Herbalife reminds you by email when the year is over.

You can renew your annual membership for only CHF13.-

the amount you already earn if you order a box of formula1

Become a Herbalife member

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